Our values

Our values underpin everything we do and provide the unique blueprint that separates us from other insurance providers through a foundation of high quality service and truly understanding client need.

Proud to be different

The opposite of the standard approach. A stable, sustainable business, protected from the volatility of the mass-market.

A hybrid operating model

Fusing the best of in-network, in-person service provision underpinned by market-leading digital capability and competitive pricing from our strong relationships with insurance partners.

Passionate about client service

Clients are at the absolute centre of our operating model. Tailored, bespoke, individual service, delivered in a very caring and friendly way. This leads to a loyal, ambassadorial client base that values and appreciates our exceptional offering.

Trusted leadership

Long-standing and highly experienced management team committed to driving value and innovation across the portfolio businesses. Over 140 management shareholders with a culture of entrepreneurship and accountability.

Structured and Consistent growth

Growing 2-3x faster than the market. A focused evolution, acquiring businesses that share the core values and vision, whilst bringing new capabilities to the group.

Long and Respected Heritage

Our experience in the insurance market goes back nearly 60 years. Our reputation was quickly established as a provider of high quality cover with a personal touch - which continues to this day.