About us

A-Plan Group has a long heritage of successfully taking care of our clients. This client-first approach has been bolstered by the new capabilities and additional customer segments that acquired businesses brought to the group. Recent years have seen high acquisition activity enabling the group to achieve significant growth and build a position of strength and stability.

Howden Group Holdings Limited recently completed the acquisition of A-Plan Group. A-Plan, as one of the largest specialist insurance distribution groups in the UK, will create with Howden a new force in UK retail insurance market. The combined businesses will become one of the largest UK brokers, and the largest independent broker. 

Our timeline


Our Group

Each business within the group has been carefully selected to drive synergies and to support each other. Sharing an ethos
of dedicated, customer-focused service and an ingrained culture of excellence.

Group approach

Each entity is empowered to deliver its specialist service through the domain know-how and client knowledge they have accumulated, but underpinned by the group’s best in class systems and data, and connected where appropriate to deliver synergies.

Traditional, high-touch insurance broking methods, strongly supported by cutting edge data and technology capability.

State-of-the-art approach to data, cloud-based broker systems, advanced analytics and single customer view.

Best-in-class management team with an aligned perspective and an underlying culture of ownership and accountability.

A group structure that ensures synergies are delivered, and addresses the challenges presented to the majority of the market by regulatory change.

Working together

The combined group businesses not only enhance the existing A-Plan market proposition, but also inherit new technological capabilities which open up new opportunities to distribute specialist and standard insurance products.

  • Access to new specialist customer groups.
  • Incremental growth opportunities.
  • Additional data and technology capabilities.
  • Product and distribution diversification.
  • Strategic value.